Shea Butter

Use from top to bottom body butter leaves a layer on top of the Skin, will also work with your Shungite stone. To protect you and your Skin the body is made up of cells.

And they know about Cells, cell phones get it your body and the water in your body must flow the afthe way the top water your drinking now is spinning Anticlockwise with Shungite stone in your water it will had fullreing in your water plus make turn Clockwise the solution is to drink Shungite water, don`t forget to cover the skin with shea butter


China says Shea butter discovered, that Shea butter works, forgetting about the African that told them about Shea butter plus how it leaves

a layer on top of the Skin when this page went up did

not see this coming at this time, we know the time would come...


Shungite Wate


Bath Benefits


It is estimated by scientists that Shungite is almmost 2 billion years old. It`s appearance reminds are  of coal, it is found in very ancient layers of the earth`s crust that were formed before life froms existed on earth.


Shungite is sometimes called the "Stone of Life" due to it`s healing and untibrcteral properties. Many people use Shungite to create a healinf Spa inthe home by placing it in some water to purity and charge the water

cleansing egergy.


This minorl  is healed as contring a healing power power incopparble to any ather shungite is considered an excellent source of protection from harmful

electromagetic radiation from computers, Microwave oven, TV sets, Mobile phones ect.


We`re created a list of positiveeffects you will see after regalor use of Shungite

watere specially if you not only drink Shungite water butenjay soaking in Shungie bath too. Detoxifification. Shungite help to clean out toxins, encourages the body to flush out all the waste, and improves our immane system.


Tronquitity Shungite encourges deep muscles relaration, reduces tension, and eases migraine headrahes caused by the stress


Healing. Shungite stimaulates blood circulation, activates metabolism, and provides pain relief expecially  in case of arftritis, pains in joints and musceles


Beauty. Shungity ourifies the Skin, moisturizes it, and cures acne, in flommations  and ather Skin related Problems. Spirituality. Shungite increasrs the grounding enerey and calmins vibrions, clears the mind and makes you feel whole again, blood circulation,




Home made magic Shea Lifestyle "Natural butter" food base products & body care let us show you how using 100% pure natural Shea butter base mixed with fruit, herb & essential oils.


www.sheabuttertrust.com Good water is key, water is all a round us. In Spaces is prue water. (Shungite) ever since i used Shungite with in my Shea butter+ I Miix a moringa and shungite melted in raw Shea butter from Ghana.




Natural products using supper foods like black seed, moringa`honey all the thinks Mum feed her baby & family Daley Benefits the body in and out, Body, Mind, soul within: 1 - Good Skin 2 - Skin protection 3 - Skin Growth 4 - Water Flow 5 - Open Spouse 6 - Blood Vessels Open Flow 7 - Softer Skin 8 - Better Health Energy 9 - Rich, Natural Glow Shea life is a natural storage base for Food - Drinks - Body Care.


All house hold products ease to made with with Shea Life Base. Soaps - Shampoo lot more even using Herbs from your own garden. That can & will benefit the hold family, plus with extra income from shearing with friends at work.



Just by Shearing & giving to people you love, more in-come can & will come back to benefit community shearing. A community brand for life, Shear life with us in 2017 by buying 100g - 300g & 500g or our 22ml & 36ml tester Weekly


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From 26 - 12 - 2019 up New year 29 - 01 - 2020 E-mail: Roots i have order new 3D Shungite Tub and need to sale all old stork, rade for a new order and Shipment from Hous e Of R.O.O.T.S. Ghana.

E-mall: roots@sheabuttertrust.com

With out good water, can you cook good food. Water is live. Shungite was here b4 life on earth. Earth is living 5G is untey clock why Shungite work clock whys like our bodys Monatomic Cell renew them self`s with the benefit fullrenes make aShungite founten 3lt-6lt of water...


Like to tast shungite water, with PH Levels above 4.5


Call Roots: 07466 534 642 Shungite Water Fountens are in Bristol Green City of St Pauls.` Shungite powder - Shungite stones 65% and Carbon, 98.5% if you can get it, It cost lot more the standerd Shungite. The know how that comes from Roots E-mail: roots@sheabuttertrust.com the healing stones don`t wate tell you are at Dis-Ease...


!!! Let Wisdom Be Your Guide  SHUNGITE !!!

They say it is coming yet it as being here for some time now "5G"

Lots of people are using it, at the same time it is being promoted on TV & on line. Your mobile is in your hand, pocket, every room in your home now as a link to 5G. Most of all the Radio wave, Microwave all around, 5G will soon be everywhere you go.

Yet it is never about the problem, is there a seclusion, right now all I know is that Shungite Stones work block or helps. Is it not better to have something that is 98.5% Carbon.

And protective Shungite plate for Mobile phone see Ebay On-Line Shungite suppresses EMF, electromagnetic radiation reducing harmful effects on human more than "275,000" times. SHUNGITE it cast not to know!!!

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