Anna Dawn Edwards speaks about Moringa & healing properties, health and nutrition values

Anna Dawn Edwards
Speaks about Moringa & it healing prophets never die, one of the Trees of Life. Green life fours, God giving Shea butter to us is what Moringa is to Anna Dawn. Moring was our first base product that sabless the Plus in our Shea butter+ Plus.
We plan to meet up with Anna in the new year 2020 Oct B H M may be in March but if we can set a weekend for her to come to Malcolm X center and Ujima radio what she doesn`t yet is R.O.O.T.SNET-Live Team could just turn up at her door with a lovely smile, we all know what a smile can do with the love she as for Moringa and taking about her profit.
ANNA DAWN REWARDS Moringa store life-giving seed of Life...

Blessings to all that can air the call, Muma is calling Africa a waite her Babys that left home yet still sleeping ratup in the media of life always looking out for Guns and Knfe Run, Hide or Flight take the time to look at the trees of life.
Africa, Jamaica even in these places is Cold, all they will ever have is cole. Yet trees are everywhere we go and still never see them in there true light, `R.O.O.T.S`. Live Stream radio & Tv are looking for your herd tips what do you use, what did Muma tell you to in times of Dis-ease there is only 1root to 1LOVE Let wisdom be your Guide "Natural"
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Let wisdom be your Guide "Natural" seekers will all way find woman gold are one you of the living Trees of Light..!