Cognitiveparths Inner-City-Link-Up London to Bristol

MiiXd2d at your Convenience, Networking is the Key when it comes to the internet, Google info is what everyone use too day. The internet of things it in your pocket.
All networks need 100 years of experience in there field when it comes to print and Graphivcs combines the most knowledgeable team with the most moden of technology. We use the UK`s biggest names in digital print. Frpm small fromt personalisation to large format wow factor to direct to substrate - we do it all.
And if you need it designed, we can do that too. Our network consists of 22 branches across the UK, so we`re sure to be in city close to you. Digital Printing - Graphic Design - Dispay Graphics -Managed Business Services Miix of People, Places & Things we all need and use make MiiXd2d Services. You name it, we keep the links you need.
Our range includes the following: Brochures - Business Cards Company stationery - Extenal banners - Leaflet - Pop-up displays - Posters - Reports - Roller banner - Signs - Stickers - Training manuals
MiiXd2d we know what you want and need. Every time we find it for you or our self. It data we log it to People, Places & Things we all use within our wider community`s of your world.
If we need it you will at some point, yet more then that we are the spirit of your community. Why we work so you can have it all at the tip of your Cognitive parth the younth must know what we did not know tomoro is at hand.
They are the ones that will become us, but with our help they can and will do a lot more there is only 1root to self love be still set it in places let help them to become the change they would like to be and see.
Cognitiveparths from Bristol to London Inner-City-Link-Up
R.O.O.T.S. as being working in Bristol
from 2012 came back to Croydon in 2020, without the help of is community minds set, it not all down to them some times it our self. Wanting them to see your vision.
When one waks with the light of God within, word with out works is dead works do as you say, put it there one after another just do it tell they see it for them self. We are happy to tell you we have the keys to our new head offices House Of R.O.O.T.S.
Right in the hart of St Pauls`s Bristol yes it on the easta some of our members and lot of new comer flowing in to Bristol City the people that have being here all a long are not moving up, in fat they must sale out after all they have being true, 98% of blacks where are they, could only two 2% be left will Cognitive Parths is on the move.
With network link to and cognitive parth work shop Shea butter+ finrnly find that it the right time, 2020 aproching frst, lest then 1 & 1/2 mouths left to go. the 29th Jannery 2020 starts our first work shop in the House of R.O.O.T.S Croyden CRO, 3 days 9am till 9pm where we will be siging up Off The streetz inner city recorts to network City by City in UK.
It take time to grow, make the right links, yet with out a database of skill know how people that have being there do it warh the T-Shirt, like John-T if we had more 77 years old me willing to work as a light. But can is people truly see he could do some much more if the people he was helping had the strcfer to help them
Now with the help as the B.M.E hob Cognitiveparths new office we can start to make some in roads to being the change you want to see, we are asking what is the St Pauls` want and there need. We can help them, why we do it not just for the money. But becase it in use we can`t stop will never stop.
As network Tabile Tennis is our front widow to your world People, Places & Things MiiXD2d at The House Of R.O.O.T.S.
Info call Sib`s at Cognitiveparths (Secretary): Email: 
Please Contact: Roots (Promoter & Funder @ House Of R.O.O.T.S)
Email: - Call:  +44(0) 7942 568 630 - Sinces 1987 (C )M.T. return of our sture self, R.O.O.T.S is growing let wisdom be your guide forhe that seek`s finds.