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 ~~~~~~~~~:Time 05:02~~~Date 13/05/2020:~~~~~~~~~
Welcome to the Royal House of R.O.O.T.S. Which stands for renturn Of Our True Self. Natural I` am say for I`am thort there for I know that I`am, and I can see you now I`am knows that we are your in front of me.">
The Royal House Of R.O.O.T.S. Is now open, please do not come to the Trust, most of the people Roots know son`t know any thing about Trust Law.
There is a words called live in registration, we all know about registration when one registers a Logo copy rights, or Conpany are rehistering at Conpany House to rehistering see you soon must get to the point more new after 5:30am
~~~~~~~~~: Time 05:20~~~Date 08/05/2020 :~~~~~~~~~
I`AM Roots Most High blessings to one & all trustee, to our members for we have trustee and members we work in trust we do not need, that pice of paper.
One can always tell the ones that mover around us, that the other side controls. There are Unseen things yet we are never at pices to see or air them
It 2020 it is never about them. Let make it about self it time you found self yes there is a self and your self to. Take time to find and see your self.
Find your I`AM I have and I will never come back to your world some time now I am feel so sorry for some that are trying. Trurly trying the know they feel some they know they know some, yet it just not a ting one can see
Now this Logic, out in the cool every day. Logic is the Man of the Peoples Army yeas that right are you not the People see I` am knows I am a Being I`am come from two beings that call them self that U word and wourds.
Will Logic knows how he is, as I do yet I don`t work in your world any more I have built my world. It cost me to give up all worldly tings/Things for the one that thing there awoken but still a sleep funny you can tell them for they see one spelling that is not the progam they got at School.
Will i`am not is school now, I`am in my world and your in they world when Most High infock you yes down you canal to this world they was right there waiting for you.
Funny this all done in front of your Dad with your Mum trust me she on look out, even with that pany, pany is love as love is the same pany.
The Royal House is now Open the House Of R.O.O.T.S. is no more it cost to come in as it cost me to set up the Royal when your a royal what paper your the paper as I`AM the money I`am any thing I`am tuse to be or say.
Blessings again to all that have Open there Eye`s please remember not every one will open there Eye`s this day please give thanks.
Yes to the would Be members trustee looking on your life is about money why this is what that keep you lock in and have not awork it OK, trust me I`am not here to awak you that your job for I`am have no need for a J.O.B. so if you do it your I have worked with Gods for a very long time.
I`am now have come to it that I am it for it is Any ting I want it to be. For give me I must let go of Cheff/Junior just pass gone to a better places one Kenio send us the last news on Junior I will ask for your Help as trustee and Members
Blessings one more to Mad Max, one more my beloved and you will bot come back there will not be a 3 time Miss B by the end of the week I will move on. Mr Roberts get it or please leave for how can you being it yet you your self still down know what it is plus need a pice of paper to write your own story.
What about U are you writing a story or U still a sleep waiting for them to write it for U Blessing.
We have people in place now keep a eye........9
 ~~~~~~~~~: Time 0:5:45~~~Date 07/05/2020 :~~~~~~~~
 I`AM Roots and we give thanks I` am a live I`am have open my Eye`s we have set Up inner city community link Up...
There are things we still must cove, there is life more to life than the food we all must eat, there is a lot more to then the body we need to move.
MiiXD2d Aents with: Jerome Walker and Sava The Children the Opening track we play every day.
MiiXD2d Agents on the move with the Walker Family world-world Shea butter trust promo`s On-Line Promo`s promoting Shea + Butter origienal African Shea butter all the way from Ghana for the healing of the world.
Years of Most High the all time now is 06:10 we are alive Most as Open my eyes. I thort there for I` am blessings and One Love to all for I` AM are U...
 ~~~~~~~~: NEW WORLD ORDER WITH MIIXD2D :~~~~~~~~


    Date: 04 / 05 / 2020                                        Time: 23:21

  • “Oh my god! This can’t be true.

My eyes are definitely playing tricks on me!

Vivian Anderson Quaye, is that you?”

Vivian turned to see who actually knew her enough to call out her full name on the streets of Accra.  Her gaze landed on a very beautiful face.  “Stunning would be right word to describe this face”, she thought.  Plastered on that face was such radiant smile that she felt the urge to smile right back. “Wow, what perfect dentition you’ve got there lady’’ Vivian couldn’t help but admire.  Vivian was trying to remember where she could have actually known this woman from. It didn’t take long for realization to dawn on her that this crazily beautiful gazelle standing before her is none other than her high school best-friend, Nana-Ama Smith. How could she not have recognized her? Nana-ama is the only one known to smile so beautifully. She had actually nicknamed her sunshine because her smile was as radiant as the rays of the sun. 

“Hey sunshine! It’s been awfully long since I heard from you. How have you been? What happened, huh? I tried reaching you to no avail. Why did you stopping calling,  Nana-Ama?”

“Haha...Same old Vivian. I see you haven’t changed, not even a bit. Bombarding me with questions. How do you expect me to answer you? I haven`t had time to answer the first question, yet i have three more.  How about we find somewhere conducive to lay our tired behinds then I’d answer all your questions”.  

I noticed a coffee shop not far from where we stood . We briskly strode to where it was and comfortably sat facing each other. After an hour of filling each other up on what we’ve missed, I asked Nana-Ama the one question that was undoubtedly on mymind since the moment I laid eyes on her.  “What did you use?”

 I’m sure at this point you’d all be wondering why I asked this question, don’t worry, i’d explain. You see back in high school, precisely our first year, Nana-Ama suffered from a rare skin disorder that created such ugly wrinkles and caused her to look far older than she was. Her condition could not be medically proven. Her parents tried all they could, they took her to the best dermatologists in Ghana but none could help her. Nana-ama became a shadow of herself. We became friends just about that time. No one wanted to be her friend. I guess they were all scared of her. I would be too if I hadn`t noticed her captivating smile.   

It had rained cat and dogs that fateful morning so the path that led to our dining hall was quite slippery but how was I to allow that deny me of my sweet jollof rice.  I hurriedly walked to the dining hall with my dining bag clutched firmly in my hand. Before i could say jack, I missed a footing and landed hard on my buttocks.   

“Agyei, mewu o, i exclaimed!“ I heard laughter erupt around me and I looked up to see everyone laughing. Everyone except Nana-Ama. She just smiled and I froze in my tracks. She walked towards me, stopped and held out her hand to help me up. I took her hand and smiled back. I got up with my hand grasping hers and from then on, we became inseparable.  

“So tell me, how did you do it?“ I asked once again.  

“Well....I used shea butter?” She answered.

“Shea butter....You`re kidding right?”

“I kid you not, dear friend.”

“How is this possible? You used shea butter back in school too.”

“Well this is not just any kind of shea butter.  It’s roots shea butter. It’s a miracle in a jar, my dear.  It did wonders to my skin. Who would believe i’d have such beautiful skin, huh?”

“Wow, roots shea butter has really done you good!“ I mumbled in utter amazement. 

“Girlfriend, it has. Let me blow your mind. This product is one of a kind, you know? You see, apart from the fact that roots shea butter helped restore my skin, it also helped me give back to the community from which it came from. When I purchase a jar of roots shea butter, I contribute a percentage to roots shea butter trust. This contribution helps to feed the community, fund projects and also assist in the annual launch of ‘THE GLOBAL DAY OF THE DRUM’ which is due to take place in July to celebrate farmers. I’d urge you to patronize them. You would not only be contributing to the society but also to your body.”



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19/O4/20-20 <<3<<6<<9 Year Of Most High Time: 01:45 Junior one of Trees Of Life.


Good Morning FromJamaica, 01:28 19/04/2020
Miss Keniesha, Salmon
The hines family
is sadden by the news we got april 14 
,2020 for the loss of my uncle the late adolph george hines (junior). 
We spoke every day up to weee hours of the morning then you would hear him in his sweet voice well kenny im gonna go to bed now,and we always close we will talk tomorrow.
For the benefit of his child Georgina hines his daughter as we all know hes always talking about her well being and her education,we will always look out for her as usual and if anyone wants to assist
can contact myself keniesha salmon
8765819176.or my mom eulalee hines 8763694015 id like two other person to admin along with Roots walker who is always in dialogue with us even while we are on some of our regular calls.we are sadden by our loss we are happy that poeple love him and cared.
some poeple may knoe him as a duko mechanic in jamaica some also knew him as a chef and musician he loved the garden he loved to make sorrow sop juice and anyone who knows of him knows hes always  making something :).
He loved helping people and for that i learnt kindness from my younger days he was my hero  the only father i know,my uncle,my dad our guardian angel..
Kinds regards
Keniesha salmon
Lot 103 farm heights 
Montego bay st James
Jamaica west Indies
Brarking News
one of my Best and only seer Juner, or as Mid I woruld say`s not a Jamaica but would says Junya I would not call it bad news Sheff would say. How ago miss a old Ras. 49 & 2 make 50 lika Me, one of is family said j don`t say that how a send them Barills.
Him Larf it off, yet I can remember it now in my mind. He always Walk with is Shungite ball, all the time lost it and.  I am in London Croydon had a call weeks 1/2 back must look in my phote it was him
We give thanks for this new day, community Radio not anow radio community net work that started years back. Now Eachteachraddio is here now. @ http://www.sheabuttertrust.com/news as and can see the Community of People, Plasces & Tings/Things that is
 ..........: Within this Network Skill-Set-Stoor Dat-A-Hub :............
Link to R.O.O.T.S. NET Live Stream Radio @
Networking from a world wide network platfrom of people, places and ting we all need and use within the wide community`s of our world to-day.
This Day year of Most High in what we call, why that they call it. Now it time to know the 1/2 that as never being told, this is the time to life. In time our time free in mind, to keep your mind with like-minded people from around our buityfull world.
Please stop lessing this to this, it here and as being here
Jerome Walker`s, (Save The Children)
when he built this tract, did not see this playing out the way it as. Use you own mind to work out why.
LOGO R.O.O.T.S. Stoor Dat-A: 13/O4/20-20 Year Of Most High Time: 01:57 Tree Of Life. >>3>>6>>9
It a new day, my Eyes are open. And we give thanks, that I have a blessings in the Bran food that in my head. Lessing to Jerome Walker`s Save The Chillren track over and over, just the foot steps at the start of the tract. It will tell you that now it time time to open your Eyes and Hairs, see what going on yes it just don`t matter if your Black or White.
Your on this plait, there plans hit you. And all about you if they can stop
you giving love to your Brother and Sister`s they have us all. Nver stop loving self.
I well ask you all, to please open your eyes again. Return of our true self. Let wisom be your guide to your, Roots it your true self. Time to look back Www.sheabuttertrust.com a community Hub that promotes natural products Shea butter is our Base. And the product that our Data-Base as base it self on, this product is a net work within it self. When used for healing.
Why Shea Butter, it is 100% pure come all the way from Mother Africa in Ghana, with familys Roots Shea butter Trust as worked with for more then 10 years, and we have a way of looking back on faces book. Youtube video`s talking on Ujima radeo in Bristol City. Where this Roots as set thing up over is seven years loring how to be come a herbles.
Brest of Ser John Holt, a true singer of the hart. Like Www.jimmylondon.co.uk lesson good Heart feelt music every time it about love, and toe love your self.
By way of Miixing with Shea butter
and natural oil, hearbs now stones when it comes to healing the body. What gose in your moth must go down the belly. There it must be look at by the hall body on it way where it need to get too. With Roots Shea + you put it in the moth if that where it need to go, all is natural it manely a fat so you could cook your food in our Roots Shea butter.
And natural African Shea buttter the White
one best to use for cooking, for, the colour and teast of the Yellow Shea butter is a bet header in the moth. Now in Croydon City at the R.O.O.T.S. House where our Shea butter setup now is a good save house, for our members that know Roots the porson not just the product.

LOGO R.O.O.T.S. Star date: 09/O4/20-20
Time: 07:16 Tree Of Life,
Blessings to all,
living in what is trum as the end of days, from R.O.O.T.S. House in Criydon City. Year of Most High you, are bless if you have open your eye`s we give thank for every Day. Most Higt I`am is  alive in Us.
Please lesson to Jerome Walker,
he is my Bother in Gamaney the land, know for War but look back into what is true/right you mite find it was not them but your UK Charcill what ever is name is he start the War, and your Queen all profited from Kill in that world wars 1 & 2 even the Walker Family invested money in that wars.
So Black and White must,
Open there Eye look see all People of the world have there own Mind set. Let all get on the same page Black white you name it Green Bing just like I`am...