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Shea Butter Video R.O.O.T.S. SHEA BUTTER+ PLUS `PROMO`S BY: MR JEROME WALKER (C).T.M. 1LOVE, Love the Skin your in. `Love it`is the key that Open any and every Lock!!!
Be Aware, 5G is in our Town now. Is your Skin protected from all 5G you can`t see. R.O.O.T.S SHEA+ 98.5% Pure Shungite. Do you Love the Skin your in, it is your Forcefield`.
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Roots Bespoke, Shea butter+Plus
                           Monatomic Cell Regeneration
Roots Bespoke Monatomic Skin and Cell Regeneration  "Natural Skin & Cell Food" Shea butter+ plus, for full-body care, face, hair, hands, head to toe All-In-One Body Care Product!
Handmade, in the UK`s Bristol Green City of St Pauls`. Right here in Bristol city, Since 2013. Roots came to Bristol where he started out on the road of `Herbalism`. Yet it was way back in 1987, that I started working with Roots and Shea Butter+.
Promo`s: Miss Terri Walker (C).T.M. 1Love. Trust, LOVE was made with you in `Mind`.
A brand for life "R.O.O.T.S. SHEA+
Royal Range` a Miix of Womans Gold, White Shea,
Moringa slow and lightly melted over several days. This is achieved by working with Shungite, castor oil, Black seed, lightly scented with Papavero Blu a tint. Miss Walker, it with you in will be with soon your in my Mind..x
"My Mum passed away in 2004. She died of Motoneuron Dis-ease. A breakdown of the nervous system which started in her left foot big toe nerv and worked it way from there. The nurses were unable to send messages to the brain."
"If I had known about the `Profit` of oils back then and `Monoatomic Cell Regeneration, mixing herds and oils, maybe she would still be here now. With the help of `Roots` Natural remedies".
"No matter how good the herd is without the mind, nothing will work. With a positive mental attitude (PMA), as it was said Mind over matter, what you say is what you are just as what eat is what you will become life-giving food".
"Natural pure Shea butter+ is the `Profit` of all Natural food base oils. It is the heaviest oil in the world. This is why it always comes back into a base-fat, That goes Deeper into the pores. More than most known oil and attaches to the Cells".
Use Shea+ to protect the Skin from alge when our body butter melts into your Skin via the posse. In goes, right where it is needed, coves all Skin pytes...
The Skin is the largest organ in the body. Most of all, the Skin is seal but comes without a zip. Protector of all that is within Monoatomically regenerating the Cells within the body. Herds like Moringa, Black Seed, Cloves, Pimento so on know as supper foods Shea butter+ is used to take the herd to the Cells that needed to rebuild or to heal right where the problem is. That part of the skin/body.
Tell us what products work well with your face/body, is it Lavender, Eucalyptus, Coconut, Mango, Noni, Almond & Chocolate Body Butter. We will advise, the best mix or blend for private or commercial use. In fact for any use!
Our Skin products or naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants & fatty acids that work on a monatomic level deep within the body that regeneration cells to heal protect, nourish & care for your Skin/body food.
There are no hidden chemicals or synthetic additives. More and more people to day are finding out about `Natural` products {Alkalis Electric - Live Mololectric-fed} our products are healing, remedies or even a Cure.
UK, Bristol Green City of St Pauls`, here It comes, out of Africa Accra, Ghan land of Shea Butter. The Savanah`s Green bslt region, of Tomali or Gunja. Kahpun, we have on our radar, link to the House of `R.O.O.T.S.` Ghana Joh Rash and Big-G productions Roots Africa TV live stream promo`s. Remember your roots!!!
Honly healthy Cells can heal the body. Dis-ease Cells can not live or grow in a Alkali`s body. When your body is alkalis it is very heard to be at is-ease.
By feeding the Skin/body with the right Elements, one can eat less, food that needs to be breaking/down. Let wisdom be your guide `Natural`.
Be kind to your skin, by knowing the right Products and heab`s that is a benefit to you and your Skin Family. If you would like to make a product just for your self or complaint email Our Mixer Roots E-mail: our mixer and `Natural` Heables.

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Young people of consenting age and young people with parents are invited to create new initiatives. Send your video blog, whatever you think appropriate for your peers to know.

Send the above to R.O.O.T.S.NET Live Stream Video`s and TV. Interviews will take place monthly, ending September 2020  The grand finalise will play out at the `Unseen Awards`.

This will be on Oct 31th 2020 at the Colston Hall. Bristol Green City of St Pauls` Promoter & Manager H Walker aka Roots.[[Return Of Our True Self]  Let wisdom be your Guide. Send E-mail: - Mobile


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