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 ~~~~~:Time 01:51~~~Date 176/05/2020:~~~~~
Jah - maica new up and coming run a way with the ting sounds very good Kahsion JA HIT MAN

Now I know what I or we must do. and that to do what Jerome my Big bro in Germany is saying Cheange your MIND.
Trust, and that sjould tell your self. As I do to-day I have found the only one you can trust is you. I` AM I am very Happy to have found my self. And day I` am asking for your help, not just you this to the world Change your Mind.
This is what you will get, let it or not the life you are living is all about you.

Jerome Walker. Now with promomted by MiiXD2d Agents People Places & Ting/Things community Hub. The well sping of our community;s we living communitys are made be people so there is no word as can`t but there is.
Like the word if, if this if that words only carey a vibbrasion to gose out to the world. Not just the one in front of you we live in a world that is to ease to work out and this is why it is head.I
I have called on tree people for there help, Miss TERRI WALKER & LOGIC, how tells me he as made a track with Terri Walker, you know i have not even heaird it up till now.
One thinkg I must do is to put Junior not the one signing my frend that just pEass a way he will be put down in Bristol this fri-day is family in Jamaica can not come, Troy LOVERS Ellis will be going life on FB on Fri-day...
This lady is in time the world will step out to meet her trust she is hot, not just in look body and mind. She as every thing I say,
Ting yes that how we are as Jam 1. You don`t need to get just do it live it. Logic just do it he as being doing it and doing it...
Where dose it end. It dose not end untell we change our Minds. See he kick off from the get go Logic with New world order.
We know you don#t get it, Logic and is Army a Army is not all about war. War is how your System works and keep your popalasion down to what they ting it should be.
To-gaiver we will try change your Mind. This Army is not about war it about freeing your mind. The Mind of Most High

Time now is 06:19 - Date 13-05-2020 blessings one & untill our next meeting be the 1love that we all should have being till then.
Why R.O.O.T.S. Trust, we are working for Our sprit within the wider community and self love  and the world.
This Track by Jerme, tell you all about our golds at MiiXD2d Boooking Agents. It was about what coming now it here it will all way be about 5G and the E.M.F Rays that is coming from there new cell phone Tower you will find after LOCK DOWN. It not a worls wide as some would make you think.

The world is one thing, but where you life in bristol it can be voltil. I` m in Croydon shops some of them are still open but i air Bristol and St Paul is Lock down must shop wpeople only going out for food Bank close.
Yet Crydon i go out to to 3 time most days, this why 5G is need infromasion and first too. It what the Systean is using us MiiXD2d will use it. For years I fared it coming all them years back the time they said it coming it was her all that time.
Know in what know now and they say it a Virus fools it 5G it seems I left Bristol just in time Most High`s blessings. Being how i am I must keep moving and African Shea butter help with all that now back to miix and why we all need info but the right in-fo a community Hub of informtsion. Wiith agent/members that know how to walled it like google now called ABC so i` am being told i raed it ones when I went to google to look for some thing.
MiiXd2d Bookings Agents: 07305 566 887 with this no on Whatap - Roots Skype use roots@sheabuttertrust email to find roots Skype ID: - Networks with that mobile in your hand it more then a PC use it, the bew world is at hand.
MiiXD2d @ R.O.O.T.S. House E-mails:
All info and Unique miixes - Blends plus all bouk Orders  :
Shea butter is key, Atist - Trade man what ever you do. One must use the lips, Singing, blowing & talking lesson what James from Bristol city as to say.
Join to be come the Face Of ROOTS 2 Weeks Challenge How has ROOTS Shea Butter and see & feel changed you life? coming back soon after the lock down blessings to all remember it the 5G Roll out...

He not one of our members yet the link is save and booker ablie any time. we have some good video`s of him playing is Sax he is know to be one of the best in Bristol City.
Let wisdom be your guide
our Website a miix of People, Places & Things
we all need and use:
MiixD2d Booking Agents:
We promote our community minded members, all Roots trust members have good skills and have worked in there Skill set for years. & MiiXD2d Booking Agents..
The right Skill set for our members
is key to a good VA - PA or Agent. Knowing the best for that job/work - where to get ticket, where to go find the right person or food/school. That product you need, there only one left where is it in your city or town Google it, you will be able too ask soon Roots.
Booking a Artist. May be a Trade Man , that job you can`t do your self we have staff you can talk too, put it on our email notes bord. It a benefit to have the info and data in and data out. Where to put your hands on it when you`er in need.
MiiXD2 Agents as link, and community members like Jerome Walker in Gremany. 68 Yeras of know knowledge and denitstry skill. Yet is one love is being on Stage.
Shea+ Shea butter products helps with movment whic healps with fixibilty and balance, theplus is the suppor full milted in with Shungie more fulreing and enges water from moringa & Black seed gibes power and stamina to the body & mind.

the plus is the suppor full milted in with Shungie more fulreing with shungite engergise  the water - moringa & Black seed gives power and stamina to Jeromes body & mind.
Where the best place to go to find a jab. Want money from my home, just don know how or where to go. It could just be you don`t know how to use a PC we are only a call or text a way. If you a member come see us at the House Of R.O.O.T.S. Croydon meeting room let talk with a natural Tea or may be a Coffe.
Finding that tool, where the best school for my son to play table tennis. Ones a member ask for job to be done, we keep a lest of trade people. We have members that rent homes and flats, lots of people and members are asking, I have money in my house but no money in my pockit the bank will not help me MiiXD2d Agents.
Terri Walker - Already Told Ya lovely. Yes she told every one i have alway called her the new Glades Night.
Miss Terri Walker I remember the first time I and we heard that vioce coming down that hallway of Kings Clleege hospital we did not evan knowshe could song. It is not ease for Shea+ & MiiXD2d Agents  to find beautiful face and body most of lovely Sking and not only that this young lady can sing as good as Gladys Knight.

What dose she see that most people don`t it that ting within, with os much in front of you, how do you do some thing new.
Man like Erral Dinkly said it all, every man/woman dose is is ting a littel way derent. Every name and photo`s plus video`s we have there link, and can be Book by a MiiXD2d Agents see numbers and email plus or wesite.
At the art of the community minded database.
We use to run a 24 hour Trade agentces in tooting. Booking out carpenter - Pluming - Lock-Outs key cutting. A 24hr all trades. We built our own database when PC was just making a name.
Our Know how comes from DataLink+ it was a door to door link to food, dricks snacks any thing some one needed in Bulk. Yet if some one want just one thing pick up, that Data-Link/MiiXD2d come in with a door to door net work of Man & Vans

MiiXd2d Online bookings: 07305 566 887 - Skype - Whatpp - Skill set community networks Database it work in side out side the offices we link to any time there and then, that Car is there on time.
MiiXd2d Agents always where you need use to be...
All info:
Let wisdom be your guide Website:
MiixD2d Booking Agents is a network for your conveniencee
What to do next
  1. Payment by internet done by PayPal plus Dirctly into our Barclays bank account where standing ordes can be set up by our members/Agents at shea butter
  • Foundrasieing plans FEED AFRICA & Our Go FUND ME Acounts all on line at our website, to rase with funds for plus from our database platfrom and on
  • Promote site and sheabutter sponcer of Root in St Pauls table tenis club all inter linked. Inner-City-Link-Up Croydon base at R.O.O.TS. House pop in any time but call or email you must be booking.
  • Busniss cards promotion card a5 flyer posters a3 & ao & Banner x3 & popup banners x9 plus look out for our Shea butter products tubs & Jars with our Tree of life Logo.
  • Star radio coming soon to London - On Top FM Brixton now in Croydon City - Ujma radio show Dj`s & Mc`s x 3 Flyer news paper News papper x3 any free community magzzz x3
  • Shops walls in bristol big and small business food/drinks venunes any where that would put a poster plus tay to get dome to donaet a banner they can put up to promte them self and us.
  • Make as maney links in the table tennis world - Music where ever we can be seen. By using names like Dasmon Dulas  to promotee our Table Tenis club and our big event coming up Oct 31th B.H.M. with the Unseen awords show booked for London & in Bristol city more info coming soon right here.
  • Table Tennis member ship is the key to our growth every thing is base on the links within our member ship Tabile Tennis is our front line promotsion game of the God, and we must thank him for Shea butter.
  • Skill set of every member is most inporten. Skill are what we need a People, Places & things with in our community and wIder. Why we ame to become the spirit of the comunitys we have links in remember our Inner-City-Link-Up.
  • Start a members blog pages, see how and when people make post then we know how is folowing us and what they think about and our products
  • Look in for the face of Roots sheabutter+ plus 1 - Young faces 2 family 3 photos of people using shea+  lifestyle products with photos of table tennis plays & links useing sport to benfit our home & away league games`
  • MiiXD2d Our infomasion can cahange daily if you would like to become a member call or email Roots. By the way this website is a test run
  • .
  • Wehope to have our new R.O.O.T.S. webste up 4-6 week from to-day with our Member Ben webite G young but know is ting or things website is the life he is good at and that good for our Shea Butter trust members Hub..
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All members must have a skill/jab want do or promte some thing with in the wider come of the UK to the world Africa is our key return and get life is info MiiVD2d Booking Agetnts...

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