Raising Funds to Support Shea butter grows in Ghana

Raising Funds to Support Shea butter grows in Ghana


Most people in Africa Know "Shea Butter as Women's Gold" this is how they feed there young and keep family to giver...
The head working women Ghana and 21 part of the African shea bult use Shea butter to put there chilgn in school pays there rent put food on the table too. If some of them did`n mix Shea butter they would have nothink to do there husbon can`t help them most of them are out of work.
Yet still, the men are the head of the house and all the family. Plus the women must do as there told. Some of there hard work money goes on drink spirits some get drunk on it, still, the women must work Shea butter to help themself.
I first saw Shea butter when my son's mum was using it to do a young girl's hair, look like fat-lard I said. She said it Shea butter what that i said Shea butter is a body and hair care I use when I`m pregnant on my belly, it as a lot of use every one uses it in Ghana Africa when they don`t have money to get products that come from the UK.

It chep very chep this lot cost £2.00 pound what all that. yes after looking in to it found it was the maney product in Parmes Coco-butter when the story came out about Parmes Cocobutter had more Shea butter in then Cocobutter right there people started to know about Shea butter.
It tak 15-20 years when i remmber about Shea butter afther my mum had die not know what to do, with my self my old borther die 2 years befour her that nocked me out. She die of mottonewrons the noures was not sending messages to the bran she dop a panno on her lift foot big toe 13 years before she did not know how bad it was when it happen.
If i new then what i know now, the way Shea butter works on a Monotomic levle i call it Monotomic Cell Reganrasion Shea when miIxed. We call it Shea butter+ the Plus is the supper foods like Moringa - Black seed oil they come from the trees of life supper foods Ellyments that lock them self to the Cell with the body.
I`am a happy man i know what I`am how I`m with the help of the profit of oils. No oil gose deeper then Shea butter it is the evesits oil in the world the way it fats up you can From/Moled it any shap one likes, you can had natural food colours and miix in to Shea. Days of old women would cook with it too.
Lot of the old people only use Shea butter they say the young ones just don`t know or get it. We have always know Shea butter and it was feed to us in story, told by the fier side.
When our aunsster paryed
to there god or gods Most High only the best oils could be used in most not in every African cuntre. But the peysit would pray to there god with Shea and say in god we Trust, Shea butter trees comes for the Gods no one parted them and god feed  them with natural rane.
Never should be water by man. Most High loves them and us and will always feed & bless us so why would we stop tell this story to your young now to day tell them why this is what we use and why.
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Most people will never tell you, becase they just don`t know but i must know for he that sekes will find. At the time i was doing it for my mum. Years later i found within the comic power within man the I` that I AM that dells in evey one man & woman.
Just remmber what you say is what you will become, what you eat you will become yet we should eat to live, not live to eat. Please know your self, know that what you put on your skin gose foue the poses will end up good or bad for the cell.
If any product says don`t put in your mouth why. Then why would you put it on your Skin don`t you know what happen it gose deeper in side. Use only 100% pure natural wild. It`s is getting herder to find unfarmed, if you can get it only god grow things that man dose not water. Man dose not feed them god dose only nather is natural or is Ourganic don`t fooled, bad food it cost you in helfth dis-eases.
This is Why we support Sher butter grows in Ghana and 21 contre of the Afican Shea bult. I owe you thanks and i send blessing to all the Shea butter women and the men that do help them, Mama Africa Shea butter is just one of the key to the door of life.
Return and fet it, let wisdom be your guide, Return Of Our True Self. R.O.O.T.S Trust 1root to it all 1Love..x
www.sheabuttertrust.com - E-mail Roots our Miixer: roots@sheabuttertrust.com Or Call: 07593 667 167 it up to you to know/seek Most High Blessings it your right...