ROOTS Shea+ Made with you in Mind

R.O.O.T.S. Shea Butter and our new branded Unique Shungite Miix with suppor foods from the Trees of life.
Miix with Shungite and supper foods. We have standerd miix yet we know some of our members like there own unique one on one miix unique to them we love sent of Kush & Myrrh.
Some people buy natural products just by colour and smell. The ingredients is the key, we are paying for the benefits to the body. When water is used alot of the benefits get washed away, with Shea butter it gose deep in to the pors not like must carme, that just lay on top of the skin.
This our standed Shea butter Advert made for use in South Africa, It will be good to see what they thing of our new range, that protacks the skin from E.M.F. rays our new Pots and Jars made just for R.O.O.T.S. Shea+                                     
We have known and used Shungite over the last 2 to 3 years. Roots as being looking in to Shungite that as being part of our lifes since 2018. Ever since i Miix Shea, Moringa, and Shungite with a tint of Myrrh some time lavender and Kush oil truely lovely.
As a Miixer at roots shea butter trust, this is the first time our members as ask for the Yellow Shea butter that was garne the moringa seed powder made it grane ones we work out the melting point all good.
Our Yellow Shea base with Moringa plus Shungite with a miix of supper foods from the trees of life. We have come up with a body care products we call Roots Shea+ forcefield IT LOVES THE SKIN YOUR IN.

The new Jars made Unique for R.O.O.T.S. Shea+ 3D printed with Shungite powder, if you don`t know any thing about Shungite please Google, look it up Shungite blocks E.M.F. - here a link about Shungite and water:
Miss Terri Walker, she love the Skin she in, she has a natural glow when on stage. Some people are not happy with them self yet we know looking good gose a long way to feeling good. Terri will be testing out our new Shea+ miixed with Shungite at a family event cominh up soon 21th March 2020 called Remember your R.O.O.T.S....

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