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House Of R.O.O.T.S. Presnts: Kahpun Heightz Natiom. Ghanaion Artist making the grade right now in Ghana. Feed Africa Tour of UK Carnival 2020. Shea butter stall & stans with Black Soap natural goods from Ship from Roots House membership of Ghanaion farmers with the return of our true self`s. Roots Shea Butter Trust community network Database Hob promoting Feed Africa from July 2020...


We at Roots Shea Trust show Video`s from all walk of life,
Most of all so you know. Roots Trust knows what it is talking about when you see what very Big Corportions have to say. You will find the right news within our Membership Trust link, on the grown in Ghana Shea Belt where it come from.
Raw African Shea Butter from Ghana
not USA not China that say they know more about Shea butter then Africans. Plus there Fare Trade key Africa Women working lest the £ - Uro per 1KG and youcan buy in UK from say £9.00 pound up £39.00 per 1KG But that depends on how you buy it from. If it is MiiX any thing like Roots Trust dose that could be a lot supper food & Shungite cost.
Looking for the support of African in Europe and Africans & Caribean`s that need (Cabon) all people need carbon what the world calls Melanin. We as Dr Sabi one told us we need Carbon, yes Roots & Culture it in the music linked to our heart-beat, Shea Butter help to protact your Skin from UV Rays and 5G.
Kahpun is coming, so he Say`s on is Shanti Riddim Run Dem Out. let`s look back to our Natural Ways & Rrmedies that will keep us a live in this the new world order our Ancecestors tought them generations ago Roots and Culture, will be your guide let wisdom be your guide by using products "Roots "Natural Brand it a life style" Since 1987 (C).T.M.
China Today: Shea butter discovered to prevent Corona Virus 3,312 viewsMar 29, 2020 FEED AFRICA BUY SHEA BUTTER...
The good think about this video we at Roots Shea butter Trust did not say it people in China said it, if we said it may be our people need to get it fron the media it self...
100% Raw African Shea butter, love`s the Sking your in. Let wisdom be your guide Roots Natural Since 1987(C).T.M.
When there is no work
on the farm collting Shea nut from the Shea trees what do the women have, it takes 25 to 35 Years` and it will take more time for time for Shea trees to bar furit.
Even more years for good plums some Trees last 100 - 250 years, no one knows how planted them. Shea trees are protected no just by the ghanan system, no one can cut them down. Even planes should not fly over them.
They only grow in African one place mostly the savannas of Africa 19 to 21 contrey a long the Shea Belts rain forest. As far as the eyes can see.
One day Kahpun will meet the likes of, Jimmy London. A Little Love by Jimmy London is number one hit song. That comes to mind when we thing about, Shea butter womans gold it just loves the Skin your in. Helps in the healing process and the world, Shea butter & Black seed oil support foods from Africa comes a life when mixed in with Shea.
Rashfa says he want to become a herbless mixing Shea butter with Moringa & Black seed oil. over the years we tried and made Shea butter products barms, hair, caream & man ting`s don`t ask  Shea butter woman gold.
Young people in Africa that have no work Kahpun want to leave Ghana on Tour to UK Carnival, with the hope of support Ghana farmers & youngers back to the fields... It`s time that works for themselves, the return of our true self R.O.O.T.S.
In Africa it mostly the women
that work the Shea butter, men do help but it a joy to see all the women Colours all singing dancing making there daly braed you must see the magic one day, children must go to school with out Shea butter, Black soap natural things that grow all a round them there would be a very big problem in place like Ghana.
Where does Kahpun and Big-G come into all this by promoting from Ghana to the young people that are not working have no jobs right now but with the help of www.Sheabuttertrust.com it that link I say, it time Shea butter is Africa's gold rash get it now. No i know you don`t, yet your still seeking remember he that seeks will find one good suny day I`am hope this is the right now for Africa & Africans world wide.
Jah Bouks, Mama Africa if some of our bigger Artists like him promoted Shea butter and natural foods of life. We must return not just in mind our natural foods did not come with use from Africa when we left Africa. With Baobab trees & Maringa trees alone plus the oils from Baobab find out more, mama Africa is so rich. R.O.O.T.S.
Shea butter Trust Www.sheabuttertrust.com
Just lesson you will air KAHPUN`S WORD SOUND & POWER
in UK Bristol Carnival this years if we are all, not still on lock down Big-G  rwill be right here with is camera/mic in hand.
He is our host in the ROOTS Africa Shea butter
video, the man in front of camera will get is places at Bristol Carnival in UK 2020. Now help to Feed African by buying our Shea butter, black soap maringa in Bristols Green City of St Pauls and now in London Croydon Surrey at Roots House, her he comes KAHPUN Feed Africa Tour.
KAHPUN LIVE INTERVIEW WITH, ARONLD MENSAH ON GHANA RADIO WE KNOW THE SUPPORT HE WILL GET FROM GHANA But can he get tyhe Ghanan`s in UK to support Africa as they should be doing FEED AFRICA 2020..!
MIIXD2D BOOKING AGENTS: Call Roots:  07466 534 642 - E-mail: roots@sheabuttertrust.com visit Www.sheabuttertrust.com Kahpun Live UK Tour. All Carnival Events, Stage Bookings Online only right here.
Rasfha M.D. at the ROOTS House in Ghana
, needed help more then that he need Trust, for 10 years now he as being asking for a digger, yet i have not being lesing now to ham digger is like gold. Digging for gold & Diamonds is not what roots is about.
Most High the master of all things,
as told me from within with out Trust there will never be any unity or home coming. Seek the old ways and one can and will find that old community of love we work. For it every day yet we don`t see it up till now, for think our gold is in the tree of life.
We look and talk about, thinking
we are the marters of, blocking our own links and our own self. And to be true to he this man needs our help to rebuild the young mind in Ghana, He say all we have to do is come to Ghana see for your self.
Yet Kahpun want to free is Mind, by taking is music to the new world order trying to lock us down with 5G E.M.F. Rays coming from mobile cell phone towers. Even in Ghana people are dying yet they don`t know Shea butter leaves a layer on top of the skin and it helps to block the virus touching the Skin. Shea+ Monatomic Skin & Cell foods for the body...
Spend a week or two weeks may be one month in Ghanas gold minds, for your self.
Dig deep using your hand if you have too. You wont be the only one digging with ther hands. Rashfa, needs our trust only the smell and feel of Mother Africa with your own feet on her lands.
Yet the true gold is in the trees, seeds frust and nuts. You name it True gold are not Dimones no they are in them trees. Yet not even Rasha can see them.
When he as it in abondes they have always being there where the natural nut and fuirt shall be your meat. Herbs are your medicen return go back and seek it out health is your only wealth.
Eat what is good, the only way to know this is to take part in the rebuilding of self. Start to pick and eat right from the trees of life, and  by their furit you will see them tilling the land.
Fundrasing Go Fun Me/Feed Africa,
Ghana to Jamaica we plan to Live Steram Kahpun & Big G my Man, Big-G we haven talk for about 3-4 years now about the power of 3-6 & 9. Kahpun as being working heard one can see is fruit dripping like swedown is faces.
When Rashfa,
is not working in the mined. He work from home making Shea Butter, Coconut oil. Working with Ginger dryed Ginger making drinks with Ginger Akovera. Black seed oil & Honey small bet of Clovers.
Black Soap we use a lot of black soap oil
very good shmpoo or soap always use black soap befour putting your Shea butter on. Black seed oil, Baobab powder is very good for bones needed and needed in old age full of magnesium the hightest content of magnesium in any fruit or  suppor foods. Ask your doctor most people are magnesium deficient.
This Video tell a good store why natural is the only way. He never call them suppor foods (like us at Roots shea butter trust)
There is no one but to tell you then this Man Sabi,
they know why he not here for this so called Virus. That they are giving to the world. For soon you will be happy to take your Chip.
The Mark 666 and your all runing from 999 right in to 5G it will be every where sone cell towers every where, wait till you see the roll out of them Boxs you will find on the side of your homes but it well be over weling to all the boxs.
Why your new 5G don`t go through wall and trees there are certain things it can`t pentrate and will need lost of boxs to triangulate to keep you signal so you`er always connected to 5G. (We had to put this in now back to Rashfa)