There you have it Art Therapy Healing self, with the Mind

One of the major differences between art therapy and other forms of communication is that most other forms of communication elicit the use of words or language as a means of communication.
Shungite look it up in Google Dr Sebi did not know about this stone
Being able to connect to our social and environmental climate. Is essential to evaluating emotional, cognitive, and personal developmental. Providing guidance for developing early cognitive development in urban communities.
We have been using R.O.O.T.S Shea Butter as means to learn and explore natural products. This has in-turn enriched us with an original inner-standing our creative abilities.
Creating Naturally electrified products has also attracted new positive cycles of influence in our lives. Using natural products has allowed us to produce personalized body care.
The energetic supply of healthy R.O.O.T.S Shea Butter+ has benefited our social and economic livelihood. You should give it a go!!!
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Like us we will sale it to you money comes first, then even beater then tha do what we do seek as a seeker one will always find.
Yet ask at your perol it the thinks that don`t cost you any thing that work like Ginga natural Ginga works 400 usege for you and all the family Black seed oil. Moringa never die supper foods being here since our planit as being here why don`t we know this.
This is how money is made by keep in infomatsion from people if every one new what your systeam knows, you would not lesson. they only tell you what they need you to know and that not how to heal your self. not even your Bady that you love so much.

So people like this young lade Dr Sebi Electric food, good to know. Shungite water works a lot firster just by blcking the E.M.F rays aunty clock why to Clock why`s there are lot more products around the world. We don`t have time to Google all of them.
Say in that dose Google make it ease to find good info trust they give you good, bad and every thing round and about nufthing just to keep you seeking try this one. Only then we find out the young woman in this or that vedio works for the people that makes the product.
Dr Sebi made is own products, smoke a lot of weed too, he told every one he healed that he wanted to to grow ganga weed yes.
Like it or not this White man Rick Simpson dose not know any ting the Rasta of Jah-maica don`t know but even my Dad would not tell us the true store tell one day he meet a old school frend. See for the first time with a spiff in is head my Mum was out of it just with the smoke.
That day trust me i remember like yes-to-day do not lie to yu young one they have a right to life, as we do Rick Simpon is used just like every school techer you have ever met as my Dad said play the white man, If you want to get any where in this life.
Somking weed that Most High God if that what you feel trust it could only be Good look in you book of the died only God is Good.
I`AM he said I`M i fort so there for I know i`am the light of the world. What only him God no lot more have work on water, you do it every day water is all a round you in you under you over you. I know you don`t get it your mind is not open to a world where ant think can happen.
You are the PLACEBO, making your Mind Matter it works for me and it will and can work try it. your self. There are lot more like

This man top them all, no money the Scince of How the Body Heals itsel...
Use Shungite to clean the water!
Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms
Shungite can be used for drinking without any prior cleaning! It is the result of thousands of years of interaction with Shungite. Commercial use of Shungite filters started back in 1990’s, during that time there were conducted many experiments and studies on Shungite influence on the human body. Scientists came to conclusion that Shungite

filters started back in 1990’s, during that time there were conducted many experiments and studies on Shungite influence on the human body. Scientists came to conclusion that Shungite water is absolutely non-toxic. It was also proven that shungite water can be used without any prior boiling! The water has strong antibacterial ability. During the experiments, water was contaminated with streptococcus of groups A and D.
Experiment showed that only after half an hour in Shungite water the concentration of streptococcus group D decreased by the factor of 100 and group A by the factor of 900! Shungite cleans water of various chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, cleans up visually dirty water, eliminates sour taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, chlorine, enriches drinking water in potassium.
Put the Shungite stones on the bottom of a water container (there has to be a correlation between the size of container and amount of stones or size of pyramid). After 48 hours the water will be biologically active
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