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`R.O.O.T.S` AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER is made from the nut of the Karite tree
commonly known as the African Shea tree. It contains a rich amount of irremovable fatty acids which renders it far superior to cocao butter and all other Natural Vegetable Butters.

House Of R.O.O.T.S. TRUST, Supports Of "FEED AFRICA" UK CARNIAL`S & FESTIVALS TOUR 2020 BRING SHEA BUTTER TO THE WORLD, We would love for you to tast Roots Shea Butter:


It is good to see 10 or more years of work. Feed Africa, thank you to all in this video. Our Shea butter works in Ghana local news will be coming to you ones a month live on Tag-TV At Www.sheabuttertrust.com - E-mail: roots@sheabuttertrust.com Or Call: 07466 534 642 if any one as any world wide Shea butter news Shea butter is a community every one it touches is link in some way food of the Gods...

This is what USA Big Corpet have to say there only 3 type of African Shea Butte Yellow - White & Bage/Ivary the after two they talk about in this video is for the world market.
(Fare Trade) that keeps the African Shea Butter and all natural goods Woman prices low les the £1.oo - URO Paid per 1kg when sole in UK From £8.00 up to £39 pound per kg what % is Fare Trade know this money to must Africans put there young in School les then one £1 per kg look at our video above this you tell me  how long it take to make 1kg of Shea Butter.
Roots trust members you know our City Shea Butter Links: From Roots House Corydon to Bristol the Green City of Bristol all the way to Ghana, thanks to members  Garmany, Italy and USA...
African Shea Butter 100% Skin, Food of the Gods, Ghana womens Hard Labour for, there "Womans Gold Shea butter" it pays there bills and School fee too. There no work far out just Shea butter tree...
"My hands Spend all Day, fixijg and making things whilst Sea Butter Hand Protector, of all Spends all day fixing my Hands" Shea butter from a layer on top of the Skin, at the same time the pore drinks the butter deep inside the body.
This fatty acid is circular to regenerating and moisturising the skin. Shea butter is enriched with vitamin A, E, G and F needed to make skin feel and look smoother. Nourished left with a natural glow and most importantly healthier.

Shea grows in Ethiopia and in other 19 - 21 African countries
Have you heard about Shea trees before?
Well, the Shea tree is the tree from which the nuts used to grind into Shea butter is found. Its scientific names are Vitellaria paradoxa and But rospermum parkii. The Shea tree is such a unique tree.

Is Shea butter unique Africa..?
Two, Countries I Know say there are trying grow shea tree. like China & Canrda You see product that say from USA will it can`t be Shea butter then can it...
Find out for your self, seeks will always find Most High`s Blessings just remember your R.O.O.T.S....
The Shea tree can grow up as high as 15 meters or 49.2 feet. From there, it can take as long as forty to fifty years before it matures and is able to produce the nuts needed to make Shea butter (also known as peanut butter).

Shea tree grows uncultivated in 19 to 21 countries across the African continent, namely Zaire, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Sudan, Guinea, Central African Republic Bissau, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Uganda.

In Ghana, it occurs extensively in the Guinea savannah and less abundantly in the Sudan Savannah. The shea tree occurs over almost the entire area of Northern Ghana, over about 77,670 km in Lawra, Tumu, Southern Mamprusi, Western Gonja, Wa, Western Dagomba, Nanumba with Eastern Gonja having the densest stands.
Gonja is where R.O.O.T.S. Shea Butter come from, lovely Shea+ when it get to St Pauls` Bristol Green City. Since March 2020 now at Roots House in Croydon CR0. We hope, Croydon City will take note, womans gold could be the healing of Bristol Green city & Croydon.
The area that the tree grows in is known as the Shea belt region. This area stretches almost three thousand miles from Senegal in West Africa all the way across into Ethiopia.

Shea Benefits of Shea Butter+ Plus:

The best Skin and Cell, Body All-In-One body food, Regenerating Anti-Agent with deep healing properties.
  •     Monoatiomic Skin and cell Regenerating Anti-Agent
  •     Moisturise Dry Skin (Body, Face and Hair)
  •     Dry Scalp
  •     Skin Rash including Nappy Rash
  •     Sun Burn
  •     Small Skin wounds
  •     Cracked skin, Chapped Lips
  •     Minor Burns
  •     Eczema and Arthritis
  •     Helps Restore Skin & Cells
  •     A Natural Anty Agent
  •     Cooking with Shea butter in Africa is will know (Only use pure 100% White Shea under very low heat...

We have being try for over 10 years now
to make know to the world. The benefit we have in the African Shea, Nut Black Soap is key when we talk about Womans Gold. The Profit (Shea Butter) of all oil`s & butter we call it fat.
The new world tell you all to stay a way from fat, fat in the word most people know to-day there good fat and bad fat now you know it too. Never ask when a one can and have the right to seek,
www.sheabuttertrust.com Call roots: 07466 53 642 - E-mail our Miixer roots@sheabuttertrust.com Big order
If you don`t know by now, trust us to tell you about every one of the 21 Shea butter lands of Africas Shea Bult as it is said in the Paine in God we Trust...